*Minimum is 8 lbs for pickup/delivery


1.) Please choose a date and time for our delivery driver to pick up your laundry.

2.) Fill out the blanks providing your information for us to assist you the best we can.

3.) Our delivery driver will call your phone number on further instructions to pick up your laundry at the designated time slot you chose.

4.) Once your laundry has been completed, our laundry attendants will call your number to confirm your laundry has been successfully finished, and you will be told your order total based off the weight/lbs your laundry came out. You will be asked to pay here CLICK HERE TO MAKE PAYMENT or you can go to the main website and pay there.

5.) After your payment has been confirmed, our delivery driver will drop off your laundry.


8 lbs$11.12$0.92$8.00$20.04
9 lbs$12.51$1.03$8.00$21.54
10 lbs$13.90$1.15$8.00$23.05
11 lbs$15.29$1.26$8.00$24.55
12 lbs$16.68$1.38$8.00$26.06
13 lbs$18.07$1.49$8.00$27.56
14 lbs$19.46$1.61$8.00$29.07
15 lbs$20.85$1.72$8.00$30.57
16 lbs$22.24$1.83$8.00$32.07
17 lbs$23.63$1.95$8.00$33.58
18 lbs$25.02$2.06$8.00$35.08
19 lbs$26.41$2.18$8.00$36.59
20 lbs$27.80$2.29$8.00$38.09
21 lbs$29.19$2.41$8.00$39.60
22 lbs$30.58$2.52$8.00$41.10
23 lbs$31.97$2.64$8.00$42.61
24 lbs$33.36$2.75$8.00$44.11
25 lbs$34.75$2.87$8.00$45.62
26 lbs$36.14$2.98$8.00$47.12
27 lbs$37.53$3.10$8.00$48.63
28 lbs$38.92$3.21$8.00$50.13
29 lbs$40.31$3.33$8.00$51.64
30 lbs$41.70$3.44$8.00$53.14
31 lbs$43.09$3.55$8.00$54.64
32 lbs$44.48$3.67$8.00$56.15
33 lbs$45.87$3.78$8.00$57.65
34 lbs$47.26$3.90$8.00$59.16
35 lbs$48.65$4.01$8.00$60.66
36 lbs$50.04$4.13$8.00$64.17