Wash N Dry Pickup/Delivery


  • Pickup/Delivery minimum order is 20lbs
  • Laundry pricing rates are $1.39/lbs


  • 1.) Make sure your laundry load is at least 20 pounds to meet the minimum order.
  • 2.) Choose your best time for our delivery person to pick up your laundry.
  • 3.) Fill out your name, email, phone, pickup address, and if needed a description to help ensure the best possible way for us to assist you!
  • 4.) Click on the square captcha box to ensure verification.
  • 5.) Press “submit” and congratulations, you are now officially booked for laundry pickup.
  • 6.) When the time of your appointment arrives, the delivery person will weigh your laundry and will give you the price you will be charged after delivery. He/She will then give you your exact delivery time and date.