Wash N Dry Pickup/Delivery


  • Pickup/Delivery minimum order is 8 lbs
  • Laundry pricing rates are $1.39/lbs


  • 1.) Make sure your laundry load is at least 8 pounds to meet the minimum order.
  • 2.) Choose your best time for our delivery person to pick up your laundry.
  • 3.) Fill out your name, email, phone, pickup address, and if needed a description to help ensure the best possible way for us to assist you!
  • 4.) Click on the square captcha box to ensure verification.
  • 5.) Press “submit” and congratulations, you are now officially booked for laundry pickup.
  • 6.) When the time of your appointment arrives, the delivery person will call your given phone number to let you know they arrived
  • 7.) Once your laundry has been picked, our laundromat attendants will weigh the load and let the customers know the price when it is done, and they will be asked to pay on the main www.washndrylubbock.com website via Sqaure hosting website.
  • 8.) After payment has been confirmed, our delivery person will drop off your laundry.